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Kelly Turenhout

Communication manager
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About Kelly Turenhout

Kelly Turenhout has been communication advisor at CM Partners since 2013. As a freelance marketing communication professional, she has been helping organisations communicate their ambitions and identity since 2004. She does this by supervising companies in the creation of clear communication structures and messages. This allows these organisations to put maximum focus on their core: to realise their own ambition.

Blogs by Kelly Turenhout

Contract Management 2.0: why AI and RPA will boost outsourcing results

17 Aug 2019 by Kelly Turenhout - CM Tech Contract Management Strategy

The world is changing in a fast pace due to the overwhelming developments in technology and operational models. Just like any market, also contract management is subject to the influences of digital transformation. Technologies like artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are slowly entering the contract management market. How will contract automation impact contract management? Technology evangelist Arjen van Berkum wrote an interesting article on these topics. We are happy to share his vision with our readers.

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CM Partners kicks off its international network with partnership Paustian Consulting

15 Aug 2019 by Kelly Turenhout - CATS CM Method Contract Management News

More and more organisations from other European countries are exploring the contract management method CATS CM®, which has become the standard method for contract management in the Netherlands. Its our pleasure to announce that Paustian Consulting has adopted our method and will be our service partner for the Danish market.

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From contract to partnership: Examining VESTED and CATS CM

07 Sep 2018 by Kelly Turenhout - CATS CM Method Policy Relationship Management Strategy

The landscape of contracts displays increasing diversity. An increasingly common development is that more attention is paid to different forms of contracts. The most common types are the transaction-based and performance-based contracts. The newer types of contracts are much closer to real partnerships. They are more about the effect that the services generate or the […]

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