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CM Partners is the contract management expert with the most effective approach: CATS CM®. Our training and consultancy services give contract and supplier management a boost, and with it, the productivity of every organisation!

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We offer the ultimate translation of theory to your business practice. Our modular learning line for contract management allows you to select precisely the training modules which are relevant to you. You make a hands-on plan of action for your daily practice in all our training courses!

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Uncertainties, risks and missed opportunities in a contract? Good contract management requires attention and a structured approach. We help your organisation direct and steer contract management, so you can set up and carry out your contract management flawlessly.

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Why venture capital should embrace contract management

“Nobody can do it alone” is one of my favorite quotes when it comes to describing the state of business today. We are all working in an environment where trends like hyper-specialization, the increasing speed of innovation and the growing pressure from legislation force companies to focus even more on their core business than before. Due to the increase of (specialized) suppliers taking care of (parts of) business processes, this leads to complex ecosystems where companies rely on each other in global supply chains. Something venture capital companies should take into account.

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NEW: CATS CM® version 4, from working on contracts to contracts that work! Download the tome for a preview of the method!

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