Our consultancy services help (re)shape your organisation’s contract management. Each organisation benefits from optimal productivity. To achieve this, organisations will increasingly enter into partnerships, of which contracts are the basis. Unclarities, not seeing risks and missed opportunities are feared obstacles for many contracts. Sound familiar?

And to think that your organisation easily has a contract portfolio consisting of multiple (large) contracts, which each directly or indirectly influences the operating results. After all, each contract is the centrepiece of the partnership with an external party. How do you best respond to this with contract management and achieve an optimal result?

CM Partners is the compass in the world of contract management. Our extensive experience and recognised CATS CM® method help you to set up, implement or optimise contract management from the aspects of human resources, process and contract.

  • Broad (market) knowledge
  • Extensive experience
  • Proven analysis and advice instruments

Your contract management, and with it your corporate productivity, receive a boost from our clear improvement plans. Promise.

A selection of our consultancy services

  • Quick scans
    For example a ‘Setup’ Quick Scan: which steps can you take to (further) set up CM differently?
  • CATS Contract Management Maturity Assessment
    What is the process maturity of the implementation of contract management (according to the CATS CM method) and what are the improvement activities for a higher maturity level?
  • Workshops
    For example, about organising contract management or contract management as an organisational strategy.
  • Implementation supervision
    We supervise the implementation of contract management within organisations.
  • Policy support
    We can be your sparring partner for coordinating intended policy and/or actions. We can also help write policy and the process or descriptions, or test them.
  • Development of standards and templates
    To support the execution of contract management, we help develop standards.
  • Coaching
    We coach contract managers on the job.
  • Mediation
    We help you to repair cooperation with your contract party when a conflict arises, so the balance of trust is restored. We also support the exploration of the underlying reasons of the issue.

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