Free webinar: Putting a business in Control with CATS CM Contract Management

By Linda Tonkes
09 - 04 - 2020 - Contract Management

We hope you are doing fine in these pandemic times, where social distancing is disrupting daily lives. Not only lives actually, also businesses. Society has stranded in times of extremes in threats and opportunities. Especially now, exploring the way to get the most added value out of your contracts might be a really good idea. Let us introduce the CATS CM® approach to you through a free webinar on April 17th at 12:30 pm, co-hosted by Paustian Consulting (Denmark)!

Running a business on your own is not an option anymore. You need third parties to take care of (parts of) processes. These business relations are all connected with you through contracts. What did you do with them ones signed? Before signing, how did you anticipate contract management activities in related processes? Managing contracts post-award creates a lot of added value within organisations, for the contractor as  well as the supplier. CATS CM® is a proven method that helps organisations to get in control of their contract portfolio and, when embraced top to bottom, on both strategic and operational level.

Join us!

When: 17 April 2020
Where: online
Platform: Microsoft Teams (available via browser or app)


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