The real power of an ecosystem

19 April 2020 by Arjen van Berkum

A few years ago I was engaged by APG in the Netherlands to help them create something that was then known as the Smart Services Hub. A brilliant idea where government (the province of Limburg), business (APG, the world’s largest pension provider) and Maastricht University joint efforts to create an ecosystem of technology in the smart services. Rather quickly Accenture and Conclusion where excited to join this initiative and a next Brightlands Campus was born. The reason I am writing this blog today is because I want to share some key takeaways from this journey.

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The sum of all contracts

8 April 2020 by Arjen van Berkum

Running any large enterprise comes with its challenges. And one of the big challenges is that you simply do not know everything; that you simple cannot control it all. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, you should think on creating value for others. Especially if you want to create value for yourself.

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Supplier management versus contract management

1 October 2018 by Monique Liedtke

Despite the fact that there are quite some differences within some organisations in terms of tasks and responsibilities, one can say that vendor and supplier management involve managing the supplier. So, let’s equate both these terms with supplier management. Then two areas are left for comparison: supplier management versus contract management. 

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