About contract management expertise centre CM Partners

CM Partners delivers a complete range of service with which organisations can handle the setup, professionalisation and implementation of contract management. An important principle in this is the contract management method developed by CM Partners: CATS CM®

CM Partners was established in 2005 by Gert-Jan Vlasveld and the late Jan van Beckum. In the 90s they were the founding fathers of the field of contract management. As a pioneer in the field, CM Partners grew into a leading consultancy, training and temporary placement agency.


Organisations no longer do everything themselves, but increasingly enter into structural partnerships. We believe that partnerships can always be improved. That’s why we are concerned with the way in which organisations deal with contract and supplier management. This allows us to help them get the most out of their contracts.


By sharing our knowledge and insights regarding contract management, we make organisations and colleagues aware of the possibilities in the field with the unique CATS CM® approach. This allows them to make partnerships with other parties more effective, cheaper and more pleasant.


We develop training courses with which organisations can train their employees to become skilled contract managers or retrain specific knowledge. Additionally, we advise organisations on the setup and implementation of professional contract management and support them in the search for interim contract managers.

Our team

Gert-Jan Vlasveld

Gert-Jan Vlasveld

Senior partner and trainer

Gert-Jan is a real ‘believer’ in contract management. He is one of the founders of CM partners and has had contract management running through his career as a central thread since 1995. Before the establishment of CM Partners in 2005, he held various positions in IT and facility management for twenty years. Gert-Jan is an experienced trainer and advisor, co-developer of the CATS CM method and coauthor of the book ‘CATS CM Edition 2014’. He is a member of the board at NBCM.

Stefanie Lamme

Stefanie Lamme

Training advisor

Stefanie Lamme has been connected to CM Partners as a training advisor since May 2018. She has years of experience in the training industry and has held various positions within it. In addition to provide training recommendations, she directed the backoffice and was responsible for the purchasing and contract management of the training-related products. Stefanie would be happy to think with you about trainings that fit your needs and those of your team or organisation!

Kelly Turenhout

Kelly Turenhout

Communication manager

Kelly Turenhout has been communication advisor at CM Partners since 2013. As a freelance marketing communication professional, she has been helping organisations communicate their ambitions and identity since 2004. She does this by supervising companies in the creation of clear communication structures and messages. This allows these organisations to put maximum focus on their core: to realise their own ambition.

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