Introduction workshop Contract Management and CATS CM

You will be introduced into the why and what of contract management, the how through the method CATS CM and CM Partners, the company behind the method. This is an excellent way to get to know the world of (post award) contract management.

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Why this training

  • To get acquainted with contract management strategy, tactics and operations
  • To understand the benefits of CATS CM, the unique methodical approach for effective contract management
  • To understand why contract management is important for your organisation
  • What you will learn
  • For whom
  • General
  • Program
  • Price
  • Related training
  • Enrol
  • Training location
What you will learn

After this workshop you will understand

  • what is contract management inclusive of benefits and elements of the proven method
  • why you need contract management
  • how to implement a contract management approach at all levels in the organisation.
For whom

Target audience

All those who use suppliers to realise their company’s objectives and want to know more about the proven method CATS CM to manage those contractual relations into improved successes.

All suppliers who aim to improve the quality of their contractual relationships with their clients and the realisation of their contract objectives.


Prior knowledge

No specific prior knowledge is required.



The workshop is scheduled for one day from 9:00 to 16:30.



The workshop will be conducted in English.


Paustian Consulting

This session is organised in close cooperation with our Danish partner Paustian Consulting.





  1. What is contract management
  2. Why contract management, the value of contract management
  3. The benefits of contract management
  4. CM at strategic, tactical and operational level
  5. The four pillars of the CATS CM method
    1. Work To Be Done versus All Other Contract Matter
    2. The roles associated with contracts
    3. The contract management process
    4. The contract management essentials
  6. The conditions for successful contract management
  7. Implementation strategy

The program allows for networking opportunities.



The fee for this one-day session is € 500,- exclusive of  VAT.

Related training

Related training courses are

  • The CATS CM Foundation training to get fully acquainted with the theory of the CATS CM Method
  • The CATS CM Practitioner training to practice the application of the method using a contract from one’s own organisation
  • CATS SRM training for an introduction to Supplier Relationship Management based on the CATS approach
  • Workshop for contract owners
  • Training for process owners of the contract management process.
Training location


Copenhagen area; location details will be sent after enrolment.


"To get a quick overview of contract management and the unique approach of CATS CM for contract management you should enroll for this session!"

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