Contract Management CATS CM® Foundation Online

Discover the power of contract management based on CATS CM® in this basic training course. Gain insight into the how, what, and why of contract management in just four sessions and learn to take control of contracts and their risks with the proven CATS CM® methodology. After completing the training, participants will have the knowledge to confidently take the optional CATS CM® Foundation exam as the icing on the cake.

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Why this training

  • Acquire valuable knowledge of the contract management methodology CATS CM®.
  • Discover what makes contract management successful and learn the choices and steps required to implement and execute professional contract management.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the role of the contract manager.
  • Understand the role of the contract manager in relation to other functions, such as sales, account management, supplier management, procurement, project manage-ment, and service management.
  • Work more effectively and efficiently through practical tools and techniques.
  • Add value to your department and organization by applying the knowledge and skills gained in practice.
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  • Introduction
  • What Will the Participant Learn?
  • For Whom?
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Step into the world of contract management and discover its power in this dynamic basic training! In this training, which consists of four online sessions, participants not only uncover the essence of contract management but also immerse themselves in the proven CATS CM® methodology. They gain control over contracts and their risks and explore how they can be effectively managed with simple tools and procedures. This training lays a solid foundation for successful contract management. Participants will be able to confidently apply the knowledge and insights gained immediately after the training, enabling them to execute contract management effectively and efficiently within their own organization.

What Will the Participant Learn?
  • the theory of the CATS CM® contract management methodology, including:
    • the focal points of contract management, the CM Essentials;
    • the steps in the contract management process;
    • the operation of contract management scenarios, allowing the contract management approach to be tailored to the type of contract;
  • the relationship between contract management and adjacent fields;
  • the factors that affect the success of contract management;
  • the role of contract management in the pre-contract signing phases and collaboration with the procurement or sales department;
  • how a contract manager adds value to any organization through effective contract management;
For Whom?

This training is specifically designed for contract managers and their supervisors, both on the client and supplier sides, who aim for a clear vision and a structured approach to contract management. Additionally, the training is suitable for professionals interested in this field and for process owners seeking insights into the do’s and don’ts of implementing contract management.


The training course consists of four sessions, from 12.00 PM to 16.00 PM CET with daylight saving time. These are usually with a week between the training days.

Training Materials
Each participant will have exclusive access to our participant portal, where a copy of the e-book “Contract Management with CATS CM® version 4: From working on contracts to contracts that work”, PDFs of presented slides, assignments, and other training materials are included.

After studying the book “Contract Management with CATS CM® version 4: From working on contracts to contracts that work” and participating in the training, the participant will have the knowledge to confidently take the online CATS CM® Foundation exam as the icing on the cake. Upon successful completion of this optional exam, the participant will receive the valuable CATS CM® Foundation certificate. The exam can be taken at any time. It is not included in the training and must be booked separately.

Teaching Methods
This training course primarily focuses on imparting the theory of the CATS CM® methodology. Our highly experienced trainers provide opportunities for practical examples, assignments, and reflection on the participant’s own situation. In this way, not only is knowledge transfer facilitated, but participants are also actively engaged in the learning process and encouraged to apply the learned concepts to their own work environment. This creates an interactive and engaging learning experience that enables participants to apply the acquired knowledge directly in practice.

Study Load
For this training, the study load consists solely of the training day(s) itself. Participants do not need to prepare in advance. There is no homework between the training sessions.

Prior Education
This training does not require any specific prior education. Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of background or experience.

  • Key Definitions
  • Contract Objectives
  • Why Contract Management?
  • Contract Management in a Broader Perspective
  • The CATS CM® Methodology
    • Pillar 1: Work To Be Done and All Other Contract Matter
    • Pillar 2: The Roles
    • Pillar 3: The Contract Management (CM) Essentials
    • Pillar 4: The Contract Management Process and Determination and Contract Mana­gement Scenarios
  • Zoom in on CM Essentials
    • Combining CM Essentials with Steps in the Process
    • Zoom in on CM Essentials
      • The Contract Risk Profile
      • The Obligations Assessment

The cost for an open schedule training is EUR 1,525, excluding VAT, per participant. This price is valid until August 31, 2024. After this date this date the cost will be EUR 1,595, excluding VAT. For pricing inquiries regarding in-company training sessions, please contact This amount includes the costs of training materials. Please note that the costs for the optional CATS CM® Foundation exam are not included. For more information about the exam, we kindly refer you to the relevant information page.


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"CATS CM® Foundation is thé basic knowledge required for Contract Managers. The method is structured logically and offers a good view into the world of Contract Management. Within a safe environment theory and practice go hand-in-hand during the training. A must for everyone who wants to professionalise in Contract Management."
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