Contract Management CATS CM Foundation

In two days you’ll learn the basics of successful contract management according to the proven CATS CM® method. You’ll go home with the conviction and knowledge that contracts are indeed manageable and controllable using simple means and procedures.

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Why this training

  • You’ll get to know CATS CM® as a practical approach to get a grip on your contracts
  • You’ll understand how you as a contract manager can bring your organisation real added value
  • You’ll see opportunities for margin improvement and cost cutting
  • You’ll learn to recognize and manage risks
  • You’ll be handed all the knowledge to be able to successfully complete the CATS CM® Foundation examination
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  • For whom
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What you will learn

After this training you’ll be able to: 

  • discern and name the most important principles and concepts regarding contract management;
  • understand contract management as a professional field and position it in relation to project, service and demand management;
  • understand the CATS CM® method and the core of the various process steps;
  • recognise the contract environment and your position/role within it;
  • explain the value or business case of professional contract management within your organisation;
  • signal opportunities for margin improvement and cost cutting;
  • draft a contract risk profile and identify the most important risks in a contract;
  • make the first steps towards getting a grip on your contracts with the CATS CM® method and use it to lay the basis for achieving your contract objectives;
  • pass the CATS CM® Foundation examination.
For whom

Intended for

Contract managers with clients and suppliers looking for a clear vision and approach to increase their grip on their contracts.

This is also a good training if you want to explore the field of contract management as a possible career step, or if you as a manager want to explore the do’s and don’ts of implementing contract management in your organisation.

Prior knowledge

The training is at Higher Vocational Education Level. No specific prior knowledge is required.



The training is scheduled on two consecutive days from 9:30 to 17:00.


You’ll receive a PDF of the course material.

Work formats

Theory is alternated with discussions about the participants’ own situations, in addition to assignments and exercises carried out individually or in groups of two or three participants and discussed collectively afterwards.


After completion of the training is possible to take the online CATS CM Foundation examination.
Upon successful completion you will be awarded with the certificate ‘CATS CM® Foundation’.
Please contact us  if you want to take the examination, to hear about the procedure.

If you do not pass the examination the first time, CM Partners offers you a free second time.




  • What is contract management
  • Why contract management, the value of contract management
  • The conditions for successful contract management
  • The four pillars of the CATS CM® method
    • Work To Be Done versus All Other Contract Matter
    • The roles within contract management
    • The contract management process
    • The contract management essentials
  • Tasks, responsibilities and authorization of the contract manager
  • The contract life cycle and the contract environment
  • The contract assessment
  • The contract risk profile (CRP).


The fee is € 1.500,- excl. 21% VAT. This includes the costs for the training accommodation, coffee, tea, lunch and the course material.

Note: overnight accommodation is not included and must be arranged separately.

You can sign up for the examination separately, which costs € 200,- excl 21% VAT.

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Training location

When not online then:

NBC Congrescentrum
Blokhoeve 1, 3438 LC Nieuwegein, Netherlands

The training location is close to Utrecht and can be easily reached with a 15 minute tram ride from Utrecht central station.

In the centre of Utrecht, close to central station and at one and two tramstops away from the training location there are reasonably priced hotels available.

Utrecht central station has a direct train connection with Schiphol that takes 25 minutes.

We can provide you with  a list of hotel suggestions.

"CATS CM® Foundation is thé basic knowledge required for Contract Managers. The method is structured logically and offers a good view into the world of Contract Management. Within a safe environment theory and practice go hand-in-hand during the training. A must for everyone who wants to professionalise in Contract Management."
Ad Spaan

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