Contract Management CATS CM® Practitioner

With the CATS CM® Foundation knowledge in hand, you will start applying it to your own contract. Over three days, using over 50 templates from the contract manager’s handbook, you will make the method your own.

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Why this training

  • Apply the theory of CATS CM® directly to your own contracts under the guidance of our highly experienced trainers.
  • Gain practical control over your contracts using the CATS CM® contract manager’s handbook.
  • Immediately start working on your selection from the more than 50 provided contract management templates after the training.
  • Further shape the involvement of the contract manager in the contract creation phase.
  • Leave with an overview of the next steps for both yourself and your organization.
  • Introduction
  • What Will the Participant Learn?
  • For Whom?
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  • Program
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During this three-day practical training, the participant applies CATS CM® Foundation knowledge to their own contract. Using Contract Management Essentials and the process steps of CATS CM®, the participant actively practices various contract management activities. In addition to hands-on application of the learned concepts, this training also provides clear insight into the necessary steps for further professionalization and implementation within the participant’s own organization.

With its practical approach and focus on concrete application, this training strengthens the participant’s knowledge and skills, providing tangible tools to effectively implement and professionalize contract management.

What Will the Participant Learn?
  • Realizing contract objectives by applying the CATS CM® methodology to your own contract in all phases of the contract management process.
  • Strengthening control over contracts using the CATS CM® contract manager’s handbook, which includes an extensive collection (more than 50) of templates.
  • Shaping contract management in the pre-signature process, contract creation, to ensure and support the involvement of contract management in drafting manageable contracts.
  • Describing the added value of CATS CM® for one’s own practice, clarifying the benefits of applying this methodology for all stakeholders.
For Whom?

This training is specifically designed for contract managers at clients and suppliers who want to apply the knowledge gained in the CATS CM® Foundation training and are looking for a clear vision and approach to increase control over their contracts.


The training takes three days, from 9:30 AM to 17:00 PM CET with daylight saving time. These are usually with a week between the training days.

Training Materials
Each participant receives exclusive access to our participant portal, which includes a PDF of the presented slides, assignments, and other training materials. Through this portal, each participant also gains access to the contract manager’s handbook containing over 50 Excel templates to facilitate the application of CATS CM®.

Teaching Methods
During this training, you will practice the application of CATS CM® using one of your own contracts. This training continuously combines methodical explanations with practical applications. You will receive homework between training days, aimed at exploring situations in your own work environment. The estimated study load for this is two to four hours each time.

Study Load
For this training course, the study load consists solely of the training days themselves and homework, typically taking approximately two to four hours between training days.

Prior Education
To participate in this training, attending a CATS CM® Foundation training is a requirement. This training is based on CATS CM® version 4, as issued in February 2020. If the participant has attended a CATS CM® Foundation training based on an older version of the method, we ask the participant to [URLBestellenBoekCM] and study the book “Contract Management with CATS CM® version 4: From working on contracts to contracts that work”.

  • CATS CM® Methodology – Recap/Summary
  • Contract Manager’s Handbook
  • Contract Management Process – Initiate Step
    • Performing Contract Analysis
    • Preparation of a Contract Management Plan and a Contract Implementation Plan
    • Intake Meeting
    • Contract Implementation
  • Contract Management Process – PDCA Cycle
    • The Contract Manager’s own PDCA Cycle
    • The PDCA Cycle of the CM Essentials
    • Evaluate and Improve
    • Extension Evaluation
  • Contract Management Process – Conclude Step
  • CATS CM® and Contract Creation
  • Implementation of Contract Management

The cost for an open schedule training is EUR 2,575, excluding VAT, per participant. This price is valid until August 31, 2024. For pricing inquiries regarding in-company training sessions, please contact amount includes the costs of training materials.


If you’re interested in attending this (online) training, please send an email to We will inform you as soon as there are enough participants to organize a training.

The training is available in-company as well. Please contact for further information and possibilities.

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"The training is exactly what the name implies. Very practical, especially aimed at the own work environment. I can directly use what I have learned. At the end of the training I had the right tools to better implement contract management in our own organisation. "
Henk van der Pol

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