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Monique werkt sinds mei 2017 bij CM Partners en zwaait daar de scepter over het secretariaat, samen met Annette Maassen. Van oorsprong was Monique HR adviseur, maar in 2010 waagde ze de overstap naar Betula Group en vervolgens naar CM Partners . Monique is erg gesteld op haar “spin in het web” functie en waardeert de laagdrempelige contacten met zowel collega’s, cursisten als organisaties.

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Four decisive responsibilities for successful contract management

01 Oct 2018 by Monique Liedtke - Contract Management Relationship Management Strategy

The CATS CM® approach to contract management recognises a number of important responsibilities. It is crucial to incorporate these responsibilities unambiguously and in the correct place in the organisation. What to keep in mind? How do you make sure that responsibilities for successful contract management are assigned to the most logical person or department?

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Supplier management versus contract management

Despite the fact that there are quite some differences within some organisations in terms of tasks and responsibilities, one can say that vendor and supplier management involve managing the supplier. So, let’s equate both these terms with supplier management. Then two areas are left for comparison: supplier management versus contract management. 

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Starting up contract management in 6 steps

01 Oct 2018 by Monique Liedtke - Contract Management

The usefulness and value of contract management sometimes takes a while for this realisation to dawn within organisations. Then all acquired insights fall into place: we do definitely need contract management. Where to start? Implementing contract management involves specific actions. How do you get from zero to proactive contract management in six steps?

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What is the different between contract management and contract administration?

29 Sep 2018 by Monique Liedtke - Contract Management

Contract management and contract administration are hot. The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, although they differ significantly. To make sure that there are no misunderstandings and to clarify who does what, good agreements are a must. This is the only way to work together effectively and efficiently. Contract management versus contract administration: what’s the difference and how do they complement each other?

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