E-learning Contract Management CATS CM Foundation English

In on average 6 hours of guided study you get the basic knowledge for successful Contract Management, based on the proven method CATS CM. After the e-learning Contract Management you will be convinced that contracts indeed can be managed and become controllable with simple means and procedures.

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Why this training

  • You learn about CATS CM as practical approach to get a grip on your contracts
  • You will understand how you can add value to your organisation as Contract Manager
  • You will see opportunities for margin improvement or cost savings
  • You learn to recognize risks
  • You will be able to take the CATS CM Foundation exam successfully
  • What you learn
  • For whom
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What you learn

After this e-learning Contract Management you will be able to

  • name the most important principles and terms regarding Contract Management;
  • understand Contract Management as discipline and place it in comparison with project-, service- and demand management;
  • understand the method CATS CM and the basics of the different steps in the process;
  • see the contract environment and your position/role therein;
  • make the first steps in getting a grip on your contracts with the method CATS CM, enabling you to achieve the objectives of your contracts.
For whom

Target audience

Anybody who wants to know more about the CATS CM method for Contract Management, looking for a clear vision and approach to get a grip on contracts in the execution phase.


This training is at Higher Vocational Education Level. There are no specific prerequisites.


Enrollment and start time

When you enroll you choose the first date available. After we receive your enrollment, you get a confirmation and the invoice. After payment of the invoice you can start any moment, you do not have to wait until the date of your enrollment. You will have access to the e-learning for 6 months. In this time you can go through the e-learning as many times as you like.


The training takes about six hours to complete. 

Way of working

In the e-learning different kind of interactive questioning is used. In this way you will learn about the method CATS CM. You will finish the e-learning with a case, in which you will get questions about the topics you learned about in the previous modules. There is the possibility to interact with and ask questions to other students and the instructor.


After completion of the e-learning it is possible to take the online CATS CM Foundation exam. Upon successful completion you will be awarded with the certificate ‘CATS CM Foundation. Please contact us at info@cmpartners.nl if you want to do the exam, to hear about the procedure. If you do not pass the exam the first time, CM Partners offers you a free second time.



  • What is Contract Management?
  • Why Contract Management, the value of Contract Management
  • The 4 CATS CM pillars:
    • Work To Be Done versus All Other Contract Matter
    • the roles within Contract Management
    • the Contract Management Process
    • the Contract Management Essentials
  • Tasks, responsibilities and authorization of the Contract Manager
  • The contract life cycle and the contract environment.




The price of the e-learning training is € 520,- exclusive of VAT.

You can start the e-learning after payment of the invoice.

This price does not include the exam. The price of the exam is € 155,- exclusive of VAT. Please contact us at info@cmpartners.nl if you want to do the exam.


E-learning CATS CM Foundation English

01-02-2020  00:00
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In the training program for Contract Managers additional (classroom) training is available.

Please contact us for the possibilities in English through info@cmpartners.nl or +31611723983.

"I have a very positive experience with the CATS Contract Management e-learning. The course has been set up clearly. It was easy to understand and the length was fine."
Ronald van Overdijk

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